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Crossfit Workouts x Recurrent Neural Network

During quarantine, it got monotonous doing workouts in my tiny cramped modest apartment. This personal hell locked inside with gasp no barbell and just a single green 53lb kettle to keep me company inspired me to create and pray the gods in the RNN black box would bless me with some much needed

M U S C L E C O N F U S I O N.


Well, that grand idea didn’t work, and I truly never thought it would, but something else DID work. produces workouts in the form of WODs (Workout of the day) from These workouts range from utter nonsense to overfit 💩. But somewhere between we reach a magical goldilocks zone of well structured, sensible WODs with just the right amount of “huh?” For example, here’s a generated WOD

Workout of the day (WOD)

5 Rounds

15 Dumbbell Thrusters

15 Dumbbell Throws

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chefkiss Exactly the right mix of “wow this character based rnn can write english” and “wat”.

The right mix of “here’s a great workout, new guy” and “did you just see what the new guy did with that dumbbell???“.

The right mix of not taking myself too seriously in quarantine and finding a useful outlet for my time and skills during quarantine (AKA front end work, ML work, not school work, not work work).


I’ll dig into the specifics of the whole RNN soon™️, but at a high level, it’s a character-based RNN trained on workouts from Each workout in the corpus was prefaced by “Workout of the day (WOD)” before training. Upon loading the page or pressing “Pump it Up”, the RNN is primed with “Workout of the day (WOD)” and generates text character by character until the next “Workout of the day (WOD)” string is hit or until a character limit is reached.


Why character rnn? Word based is so hot right now, just look at GPT-3??

  • It was more fun to see the RNN learn the structure of English.


Enjoy the site. Tweet me @samfordawin if there’s a particularly funny workout.